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BIONIC: biological network integration using convolutions

BIONIC: biological network integration using convolutions

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BIONIC: biological network integration using convolutions

PMCC AI Scientist: Dr. Bo Wang

Nature Methods (2022)


Biological networks constructed from varied data can be used to map cellular function, but each data type has limitations. Network integration promises to address these limitations by combining and automatically weighting input information to obtain a more accurate and comprehensive representation of the underlying biology. We developed a deep learning-based network integration algorithm that incorporates a graph convolutional network framework. Our method, BIONIC (Biological Network Integration using Convolutions), learns features that contain substantially more functional information compared to existing approaches. BIONIC has unsupervised and semisupervised learning modes, making use of available gene function annotations. BIONIC is scalable in both size and quantity of the input networks, making it feasible to integrate numerous networks on the scale of the human genome. To demonstrate the use of BIONIC in identifying new biology, we predicted and experimentally validated essential gene chemical–genetic interactions from nonessential gene profiles in yeast.